CARB法规分两个阶段实施(Phase 1和Phase 2),第一阶段(P1)从2009年1月1日开始,要求用气候箱法ASTM E 1333或ASTM D 6007测试板材甲醛释放量,规定硬质胶合板(HWPW)必须小于0.08ppm、刨花板(PB)必须小于0.18ppm、中密度纤维板(MDF)必须小于0.21ppm。从2010年开始将陆续实施法规的第二阶段(P2)的要求。该法规不单对生产板材的工厂有要求,对家具厂、进口商、贸易商、零售商都有严格的要求


Decorative Plywood. Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet Cabinet Door and Frames Solid Wood Moulding Finger Joint Panels. Maple and Birch Flooring

American Red Oak

Species: Red Oak        Origion: USA and CanadaStandard: ANSI/HPVA/KCMASize:3mm-25mmx1232mmx2452mmFace: AA R/Oak Plain Sliced, Spliced, Slip Match, Tight Side Outside.Back: AB/BC R/Oak, Birch(UV Pre-finished), Paper Laminated, Painted or Stained.Core: Poplar  Decorative PlywoodUsage: Fancy/Antique Furniture, Traditional Furniture, Kitchen Cabinet, Bath ...

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48.5"X96.5" 1231*2452mm AA Grade American Red Oak Solid wood veneer, Poplar or Eucalyptus Core. Paper lamination on the back. Fancy Furniture, High End Market Kitchen/Bath/Vanity/Book Case/Door Panel/Skins. Glue: E0 Certificate: CARB P2/EPA TSCA VI.

White Birch

European White BirchSolid wood veneer Docorative Plywood.Core: Poplar or EucalyptusUses: Kitchen Cabinet, Bath Cabinet, Vanity, Panels, Shelves.Finish: Lacquer or water base, UV.

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​European White Birch Solid wood veneer Docorative Plywood. Core: Poplar or Eucalyptus Uses: Kitchen Cabinet, Bath Cabinet, Vanity, Panels, Shelves. Finish: Lacquer or water base, UV.

American Hard Maple

AB Grade American White Maple

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AB Grade Hard Maple, used to cabinetry, furniture and high end Decor.

Cabinet Door

Kitchen Cabinet Door

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Black Walnut

Black Walnut Fancy Plywood

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Finger Joint Panels

Finger Joint Panels AA Grade Species: Birch, White Oak, Beech, Red Oak, Rubber Wood, Cherry, Pine, Spruce.

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