Finger Joint Panels


Finger joint panel is a more environmentally friendly material, more and more people have started to use finger joint panel to replace the carpentry board. The common thickness of finger joint plate is 12mm, 14mm, 16mm and 20mm, the thickest of which is 36mm. 

The glue that finger joint board uses is milky white glue commonly, namely the aqueous solution of polyvinyl acetate grease, it is to use water to do flux, avirulent and tasteless, finger joint board still cent has pitch and do not have nodal two kinds, the existence of nodal scar eye, the nonexistent scarred eye without nodal, more beautiful. 

Some dressers use finger splice directly to make furniture. There is no need to attach the surface to the decoration panel. The finger joint panel is divided into visible teeth and invisible teeth. Invisible teeth are the best because visible teeth are more likely to be uneven after being painted. 

Of course, the processing of invisible teeth is more difficult. The harder the wood, the better, because its deformation is much smaller, and the pattern will be more beautiful. 

The finger joint panel belongs to the solid board, the carpentry board is the artificial board. So the finger splice has a natural texture. It feels like nature.